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The Alexandria iBase Project

The AIP was formed through a joint international effort. We were incorporated on October 28, 2015.

This project is designed to create an international online library database of astrological and related books, periodicals and other media collections. Subscribers will also have digital access to electronic media, ebooks, audio and video files, including research materials that may otherwise be lost. Initially, this will include works that are out-of-copyright, where the copyright has granted digital access by the library, or the copyright has been released by YOU, the writers and creators. In addition, the AIP will pair with physical libraries by providing an online catalog their books. 

The project will be supported by subscription/donations.


The Alexandria iBase Project

An Online Database Resource

The purpose of the Alexandria iBase Project is to help preserve valuable research, books and periodicals in digital form, along audio and video materials for future generations. We are also working to bring together in one place a library catalog of libraries and personal collections of astrological and esoteric material from around the world.

Digital Scanning
Development of an online library database
Cataloging in-person library collections
Gathering materials
Finding Volunteers
Finding Contributors

Contribute to our efforts

You can help in several ways:

  • If you have out-of-copyright or personal research materials you can offer these for our scanning project

  • If you have or are connected to a library of hard copy materials and are willing to be part of our world-wide library catalog, please contact us.

  • We can always use cash donations!

F.A.Q. for the Alexandria iBase Project

What are we?

The idea behind the Alexandria iBase Project is to create a comprehensive database of all astrological literature in digital format. The driving force behind this endeavor is to serve as course conservator of all the books, papers, audio/video recordings that are often given away piece meal to libraries, friends, or just discarded. The loss of the original Library of Alexandria during, and because of the Roman Empire's invasion of Egypt ....well it bothered us and hence the name and the goal.

Who are we?

The initial group that started this project includes Georgia Stathis (Starcycles), Christeen Skinner and Babs Kirby (representing the Urania Trust) and Enid Newberg (representing Kepler College). We are all dedicated to the idea of preserving astrological and other esoteric materials that too often are lost to the future.

What do we want to do?

We intend to create an international effort to scan and preserve materials in digital format, as well as provide a central catalog similar to Worldcat that provides access to these materials and can also connect users to other resources worldwide.

We have a 3-prong effort: One

We incorporated as a non-profit so that others can contribute time, expertise, materials and/or money to assist with this project.


We are creating an online database that will catagorize the materials we have collected AND categorize and link to other libraries or resources of astrological and esoteric materials.


We are proceeding to scan and digitize books, articles, periodicals and personal papers that we or our organizations already possess.