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The Alexandria iBase Project

We are the people who…identify, catalog, digitize, and preserve astrological and related research, writing, recordings, and videos to promote continued availability of such important research & knowledge for the education of current & future generations.

Imagine a worldwide catalog of astrological treasures at your fingertips. We’re working on it. 

You can help!


The Alexandria iBase Project

An Online Database Resource

Our Mission:

The Alexandria iBase Project champions the collection and preservation of astrological and related research, writings and knowledge for the benefit and enlightenment of current & future generations!


Development of an online library database
Cataloging in-person library collections
Finding Volunteers
Digital Scanning
Gathering materials
Finding Contributors

Contribute to our efforts

This is your legacy and gift to future generations!

Save a book today!  


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How can you help? 

  • Provide a copyright release for the AIP to have your personal material
  • If you have or are connected to a library of hard copy materials and are willing to be part of our world-wide library catalog, please contact us.
  • Be an Ambassador
    • Find and identify collections
    • Assist with listing and cataloging materials
    • Help organize volunteers
    • Help us raise money!
  • Add your library collection, including older materials, pamphlets, unusual materials, individual research, digitized material
  • Provide a cash donation to help catalog digital materials and scan research papers

F.A.Q. for the Alexandria iBase Project

What are we?

AIP saves astrological and related knowledge from disappearing over time… Join us in our quest to collect & preserve valuable astrological and related materials for the benefit of current and future generations!

The driving force behind this endeavor is to serve as course conservator of all the books, papers, audio/video recordings that are often given away piece meal to libraries, friends, or just discarded. The loss of the original Library of Alexandria during, and because of the Roman Empire's invasion of Egypt ....well it bothered us and hence the name and the goal.

Who are we?

We are a group of people dedicated to the idea that preserving astrological and related materials is important. And too often these resources are lost to the future.

What do we want to do?

We are creating an international effort to provide a central catalog similar to Worldcat that provides access to digital materials and connects users to other library resources worldwide.

What steps are we taking?

aip flame 20x20px We incorporated as a non-profit so that others can contribute time, expertise, materials and/or money to assist with this project.
aip flame 20x20px We created an online library database to catalog and catagorize materials we have collected AND provide links to other libraries and resources of astrological and related materials.
aip flame 20x20px We are seeking donations to scan and digitize books, articles, periodicals and personal papers that we or other organizations already possess. Especially materials that otherwise might not be otherwise preserved or made available.
aip flame 20x20px We are looking for individual and organization libraries that are willing to join their library catalog with ours.