The Alexandria iBase Project

We are the people who…identify, catalog, digitize, and preserve astrological and related research, writing, recordings, and videos to promote continued availability of such important research & knowledge for the education of current & future generations.

Imagine a worldwide catalog of astrological treasures at your fingertips. We’re working on it. 

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Our Goals

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The goals of the Alexandria iBase Project are threefold:

(1) to preserve for future generations publications, journals, articles, research, video, audio and personal papers of individuals who have spent lifetimes researching various avenues of astrological and esoteric research. It is hoped that as those specialists pass on, they or their heirs will leave their important materials to be uploaded to this important project;

(2) to upload already existing materials both print and digital media that may be out of print, are in danger of being lost, are not readily available, or are part of our astrological and esoteric heritage;

(3) to assist astrological research by connecting with other libraries around the world that are willing to list the contents of their catalog and provide some way to access their materials.