The Catalog of Catalogs

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The AIP goal is to hold the largest, global, online network of library catalogs and services for astrologers and other individuals interested in esoteric traditions.

The AIP catalog will let you search by Library of Congress subject areas and by specific terms (such as horary astrology, progressions, spiritualism, or even by century). Your results will include electronic materials when available and the location of hard copy materials in our member libraries. While we are still in the early phases of development, the library will be free. As we progress, memberships and subscriptions will be available for users who want premium content as a way to help defray our costs.

In addition to published books and periodicals, the catalog will hold scanned research materials donated by individual astrologers. We will also provide access to podcasts, video and other media.

We currently have over 800 books and other resources cataloged with more being added on a weekly basis.

To get a glimpse of the potential power of this resource, click on our online catalog link and begin searching now!