Kepler College Votes to Sponsor the Alexandria iBase Project

At its board meeting on November 8, 2015, the Kepler College Board of Trustes unanimously voted to be the corporate sponsor for the Alexandria iBase Project: 

Kepler will create a single member limited liability company (LLC) for the Alexandria ibase Project as a subsidiary of Kepler. As an LLC, this will be structured so that Kepler is not exposed to any liabilities (particularly financial liabilities). Kepler will report the LLC's expenses and revenues on our 990 Schedule R. The LLC will have its own Board of Trustees [managing partners]. Kepler will have at least one representative on the Board. The LLC will have its own operational finances, and can receive donations and hire people independently of Kepler. The LLC will develop a financial agreement acceptable to both parties detailing any financial benefits for either party that arise. The final approval is subject to defining the legal consequences of dissolving the relationship between the parties either voluntarily or involuntarily.

By the end of December, Kepler had revised its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to ensure the smooth process for incorporation of the Alexandria iBase Project. An attorney created the incorporation papers. All that remains is the selection of a date!  

Chris Brennan has kindly helped the Project by finding several dates that can work in late April or early May of 2015. The project members are reviewing these dates to select one that works from both a Hellenistic and Modern perspective. 

By creating the Alexandria iBase Project as a separate corporation, it means that it can be independent organization that is open to collaboration with any of the esoteric organizations or their members meeting the same criteria as the Alexandria iBase.

The Alexandria iBase project is a virtual business, but for legal purposes is founded in Seattle, Washington, USA. Since there will be various locations at which materials are found, there will also be ‘hubs’ where materials are located and where they may be scanned per the protocol that is established. This eliminates any extra costs of shipping. The equipment needed will be uniform in each of the hubs, or, perhaps, the same equipment will be sent to each hub as materials are gathered.

Seattle, Washington was chosen as it is in the same state as Kepler College who has offered to allow us to use their storage banks.

In the future, the Project will share a small office space with Kepler so that we can defray the costs of storage and operations. Office space that meets these needs costs approximately $500 per month. It is hoped that this space will also be able to house at least a portion of the Kepler in-person library. The catalog for this library will be incorporated into the iBase library database and made available to Kepler students and members of the iBase Project.

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