Our first scanning project is underway

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The family of Marion D. March generously donated her books and papers to Kepler College after her death. Since that time, Kepler has been searching for a better way to share this information. We have found a better way. In January 2015, the Alexandria Project used 6 boxes of Marion's papers as their initial scanning project. It is expected that they will be cataloged and available after the Project formally incorporates.

This scanning project will also be used to develop our protocol for preserving papers, documents, books, MP3s and other digitized files. The plan is further refine this protocol that can be used for the iBase Project as well as distributed to others who wish to contribute to the library database. The development will proceed as follows: 

  • In the initial Beta period, a sample of various digized materials will be scanned and the final product presented along with a presentation that explains the process. In addition, a starting catalogue of materials will be developed from spreadsheets and databases of already recorded library materials that are available from the initial Project sponsors.
  • The coordinator of the Beta period will also check to see if certain papers or books or other materials are already digitized. This is a part of the Beta Protocol. Ultimately, the coordinator will work with others to research and scan the same – once a system is set up.
  • The vendor that the Project is using, Scanverse, has included many of the above steps.

The inital materials generated by this Beta phase will be used to show all interested individuals how this system is intended to work. The iBase Project will use this to help obtain additional grants and donations to fund further development.

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