The Alexandria Project Receives Seed Money for Development

In the first six months of 2015, the Alexandria iBase Project received $47,000 in seed money from Georgia Stathis and the Urania Trust as well as a number of small donations that have helped us pay for initial development costs. 

The money was put to good use.

  • In January, the AIP hired Scanverse, a scanning firm owned by Alex White, to begin its first major scanning project (see Our First Scanning Project). This project also included the development of procedures for future scans. 
  • We began the search for catalog software, and have now selected OPALS, an open source catalog system used by many specialized collections and small college libraries throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Seed money also helped us hire a lawyer to draw up incorporation papers.

The Alexandria iBase Project is now underway! Our next step will be to begin cataloging. Our goal is that next year, 800 books will be made available as ebooks and additional library materials cataloged.

The video below is a report on the beta phase for this project, delivered by Alex White of Scanverse on May 15, 2015:



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