The Alexandria iBase Project Incorporates!

On October 28, 2015 at 12:18 AM, the Alexandria iBase Project, LLC was formally born. After two years of planning and preparation, the beta phase is over. The Project is ready to take the next step as it fulfills its promise of a non-profit online international resource for astrologers and astrology.

Georgia Stathis, Christeen Skinner, Babs Kirby, Anne Beversdorf, Tamira McGillivray and Enid Newberg were voted in as managing directors. Steps for the coming year inclucde the creation of a logo, development of a website and building the library catalog with out-of-copyright materials as well providing links to materials available in other collections. The goal is to be able to demonstrate the potential and promise of the Alexandria iBase Project to the astrological community at the 2016 ISAR conference in October 2016.

This coming year will also be devoted to making contact with other libraries, finding new digital resources, developing legal policies and procedures related to copyright, and fundraising.

Below is the opening page for the online catalog: 

library database


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