Oct 15 Webinar: Forecasting Using Declination by Georgia Stathis

Oct 15 Webinar: Forecasting Using Declination by Georgia Stathis Pixabay

registerDeclinations are an excellent method of forecasting social change.

DATE: October 15, 2019
TIME: 3:30 - 4:45 PM PST / 6:30 - 7:45 PM EST

This webinar will examine planetary declination from the perspective of larger social programs like Medicare, Social Security as well as various charts like the Euro chart, USA chart, etc to show how on a larger global scale we can pinpoint more precise moments of change.

The regular astrological chart plots the position of planets by using their longitude. But there is another way to look at planetary position: declination. This measures the position of planets by their latitude north and south of the equator.

This webinar is a fundraiser for the Alexandria iBase Project

stathis georgia 2018 96x144pxPresenter:

Georgia Stathis (www.starcycles.com) specializes in business and natal astrology since 1977 with a strong background in investment and real estate. Georgia is both an investor and a consulting astrologer and is author of Business Astrology 101 and her brand new book(release date April 2018) entitled Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases.

Georgia is a board member of the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago, whose mission is to preserve Hellenistic Culture and is also the chairwoman and one of the founders (with Urania Trust and Kepler) of the newly formed Alexandria iBase Project, whose mission is to preserve astrological literature for our peers for the future, a 501 C3 non-profit foundation, more information can be found at www.alexibase.org

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