It is now five years since, on a beautiful afternoon in Philadelphia that Georgia Stathis and I agreed to collaborate on a project that would aim to protect and preserve material of interest to astrologers. At the time, we were acutely aware that many of our age group was passing on and that there was no convenient depository for their archived material. I knew that our aim would have appeal to my colleagues on the Board of the Urania Trust – as it did and which manifested in a grant which, combined with other generous donations, enabled the project to get underway. The Alexandria iBase Project (AIP) gained legal status in October 2015.

Our enthusiasm has been matched by others – most notably by Anne Beversdorf, our librarian, now looking after cataloguing with Kelly Overton and Enid Newberg from Kepler who’s administrative and technical talents are hugely appreciated. Further input has come from Patty Lance Little, Alexander White, Tamara McGillivray, Babs Kirby, Sheri Horn Hassan and Debra Wilson. This goodwill together with growing connections with the American Federation of Astrologers and with the Astrological Association of Great Britain has resulted in a growing catalogue some of which are available for free download (as e-books). Other astrological networks have offered various forms of support such as ISAR, Mountain Astrologer and the many families of astrologers who want to know where their loved ones’ research and writings will go.

There is much – much, more work for us to do. We are grateful for the verbal support received at the various conferences and can assure you that if we haven’t followed up by contacting you yet, that is only because we are trying to work out the best way of using your talents and skills.

As we approach our third birthday we would like to welcome you warmly to this website and ask you please to contact us (if we don’t know you already) if you can offer any help, advice or, better skill, make financial donation in the form of monies and in-kind donations or in planning to gift AIP when you are planning your estate. All of this can be done through the website at

Christeen Skinner September 2018