Count the ways...

Your legacy and gift to future generations!

How can you contribute?

This project can always use a direct cash contribution. We will immediately put it to use to help us build our catalog and scan donated materials.

In addition to cash donations, you can help in several ways:

If you have out-of-copyright or personal research materials you can offer these for our scanning project. Make sure to include a copyright release form, if needed.

If you have or are connected to a library of hard copy materials and are willing to be part of our world-wide library catalog, please contact us.

If you are familiar with MARC records and library cataloging, you can help with us getting records into the online catalog.

Estate planning (wills, testaments):

Everyone needs to plan their estate, when you do, please include AIP in your estate planning. We welcome funds, stocks or equity donations 'in kind' so you have no capital gains, property, material goods, old
cars -- and of course monies. Please help us build this historical record.

Personal collections: 

Your library collection, including older materials, pamphlets, unusual materials, individual research can become a part of this catalog project! 

  • We have a list of libraries that can take physical materials to catalog them in our catalog and provide access to the public.
  • If you own the copyright to your writings or papers, and are willing to release that copyright to us (see here for the form), we are actively seeking the money to digitze these types of materials and make them available online!


We need YOU! Those who have project manager experience, fundraising or marketing or grant writing experience.

Or be an ambassador! You can 

  • Help us find and identify collections
  • Help us create book lists and catalog
  • Help us organize volunteers
  • Help us raise money
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