Preparing for a chart reading?

When we prepare for our clients, we do a lot of prep work. If we don’t know something, particularly if we are new at our discipline and often unsure, we might look it up. Even if we have lots more years under our belt, we still look things up to help us better prepare.

But where do you go? Do you go to your private library, always a good source, but do you have what you are looking for in your library? Sometimes we don’t. The purpose of the Alexandria iBase Project (AIP) is to preserve materials for your references and for those who need research in the future.  

The AIP is built so that we can preserve well into the future our writings, our research, our findings, out books. Digitized materials are always welcome with, of course, a copyright release for your own personal work.

Alexandria iBase Project is a 501C3 Non Profit library.