Rescuing personal collections

The reason we formed the Alexandria iBase Project (AIP) was because many of our peers and colleagues have retired, moved away or passed away. In my own personal experience, I found that the regular libraries do not want the books. They don’t have room nor do they have the funding to keep our books, which are often sold off piece by piece in library sales. Families don’t always know where to put the collections and even more importantly all those personal notes, personal journals and articles their family members kept that were written by others. (Astrologers are notorious for saving all kinds of paper.)

So what does that family do? Their family member left and they must liquidate the estate immediately. The last thing on their minds is finding more time to place the collections. So they end them to donation centers or to the trash.

The AIP makes it easy for your family, when you plan your estate or your will and testament, please, please include AIP in your estate planning. We welcome your loved one’s research, digitized materials and also welcome any donations that are in kind like stocks, equities, or even properties. This last suggestion can be made very clear in an amendment to your will and trust.

If you have digitized materials please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.If needed, please make sure to include a copyright release form.

Alexandria iBase Project is a 501C3 Non Profit library and any donations, papers or other tangible goods such as stocks, properties or equities are welcome and are tax deductible for their value.

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